Domains 101

Domains:  Domain names are where it all starts with any web presence when you use the internet.  It is your internet address.   The domain name is often referred to as a URL; a Uniform Resource Locator.

  • You will need a domain.
  • They all end in a two or three letter code:  .com,  .net or  .org are the most common ones, but there are others 
  • Domain names cost roughly $10/year, depending on the endings.
  • If you have a domain, you have a home for your site.
  • You are really only renting your address, and they can be paid annually or ten years in advance if you like.

Hosting: Your domain will be resident on a computer somewhere, you pay the hosting company rent for that space as well

  • Services like Go-Daddy have web servers where your site; the software and hardware live.
  • QWT currently uses a great hosting service called Host Dango with servers in several cities around the country.
  • Hosting is anywhere from $4/month to as much as $10-20/month depending on how much space and capacity you need.
  • Our managed hosting is $10 per month or $100 per year.
  • Managed hosting means we perform maintenance, keep out the viruses and make sure you’re backed up.
  • Our hosting, like most hosting companies, guarantee 99.99% uptime.
  • If the internet is up, so is your website.
  • We also add other services on to this price if you need or want them.

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